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Sky Lights

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    Velux Skylights

    Velux has grown to become the largest skylight manufacturer in the world, offering products in North America, South America, Europe, Asia and the Pacific. They have worked hard to bring the consumer a product unsurpassed by other skylight or roof window manufacturers. They offer many cost effective ways to bring natural light into the home through the use of skylights, both venting and stationary, as well as the increasingly popular sun tunnels.

    Velux offers a variety of options to meet your tastes and needs. Velux skylights can bring more natural light into your home while helping you to reduce energy costs. Their skylights utilize Low Energy glass (LowE3) and solar technology, such as their motorized blinds which use the power of the sun to operate.

    Some of the Velux skylight options available:

    • Fixed skylights
    • Venting skylights
    • Solar tubes
    • Motorized venting skylights with programmable remote control and wall mount controls
    • Over 75 blind options and styles available
    • Solar power motorized blinds with remote control
    • Rain sensors that will close skylights automatically in case of inclement weather.