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Black is the … New Black?

September 25th, 2018 by

Windows with Black Interior and Exterior Options

Looking for the Latest Trend in Window and Door Colors?

No question, these days its black. Over the past several years the color options, for windows especially, have been trending darker. Just a couple of years ago Dark Bronze was the hot new color. Now with Andersen’s expanded color offerings, black is all the rage.
Andersen windows started offering a black exterior color option with just the Architectural E-Series. Over the past couple of years, they have expanded their black exterior color option to the Tilt Wash, Woodwright, A-Series and 100 Series window lines. In addition to offering it as an exterior color, now they also offer it as an interior pre-finished color option on select products.

What Window Styles Can I Get In Black?

Andersen offers black exterior and black interior options on the following windows and doors:

• Double Hung Windows
• Casement Windows
• Awning Windows
• Gliding Windows
• Single Hung Windows
• Hinged & Gliding Doors

Do Black Windows Work with the Architectural Home Style?

We are seeing black exterior colored windows being used in a variety of home styles. It is being used heavily in contemporary home styles for sure but we are also seeing it used in a variety of other styles including but not limited to the Craftsman style, Tudors, Victorian, Colonial, etc. Black, like its counterpart white, is versatile and offers the opportunity to select a variety of complimentary color options. Using a black or darker colored window makes the window a focal point.
For too long front entry doors have been the focal point of the house. With the added variety, especially black, we are seeing that trend shift. While the front entry stills plays that role to a degree, the windows are now taking some of that focus away. The windows themselves are now becoming a highlighting feature on the home.

Are Window and Door Add-Ons Available in Black as Well?

All the accompanying add-ons for a window are available in black to compliment your window including:

• Window Hardware
• Door Hardware
• Screens
• Grilles (Options include grilles between the glass, interior removable grilles, or grilles permanently applied)

If you are interested in making the windows a focal point of your home, contact us today for a free estimate on new window installation.